There are only a few high schools that have kept their letters visible on the mountain. Those few high schools that keep their letters white and bright are Austin, El Paso, and Irvin. While driving on the Westside, Central, and Northeast part of town you will notice other high schools don't upkeep their letters. The other letters that aren't as visible on the mountain are B, C, and J. If you noticed the A and I aren't as high on the mountain as the other letters are.

I am unsure why certain high schools didn't maintain their letters the way Austin, El Paso, and Irvin did. Austin, El Paso, and Irvin have always made sure to constantly keep their letters noticeable for all to see. If your high school's letter is on the mountain but not as clear, would you want to have that fixed? Take the poll below on which high school you would like to have fixed.

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