In two separate incidents this month, U.S. Customs and Border seized over 200 pounds of “processed pork bologna."  Wait…does that mean they hid drugs INSIDE the bologna? Negative. The bologna WAS the contraband.

LoomingTariffs On Mexican Goods Bound For U.S. Strain U.S.-Mexico Relations
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Our news partners at KVIA 7 reported on the two incidents. The first one, on January 13th, was at the Paso Del Norte port of entry. In that case, a 40-year-old man from Albuquerque failed to declare five rolls of Mexican bologna weighing 55 pounds. The meat was found stashed under bags of chips. Literally, the man was playing “hide the sausage." For those of you not up on your 1980s era slang, I include this link to Urban Dictionary.

The second hidden meat caper involved 19 rolls of bologna (188 lbs.) at the Ysleta point of entry. The would-be sausage smuggler in this case was a 40-year-old woman from Pueblo Colorado. The woman reportedly had all that meat hidden in her rear…back seat.

The Albuquerque man reportedly told CBP agents that he can sell the Mexican meat for twice what he paid in Mexico.

The report says that all the meat was seized and destroyed by CBP and both individuals were fined $1,000 for not declaring such large quantities of bologna.  The guy who had 55 lbs. AND the woman who had 188 lbs. both got the same fine. That tells me that IF you were going to smuggle Mexican bologna you might as well load up because the fine is going to be the same.

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