Gilbert Serna was the hero Walmart manager who saved hundreds of lives on the morning of August 3rd. Now, he wants the community to come back to his store. Ever since the shooting at an El Paso Walmart, the large black fence surrounding the building has been a reminder of the horrific reminder of the tragedy. Many in the community have been wondering if things could ever be the same. The truth is, it never will be. We will always remember all the lives we lost that day, and where we were the moment we found out about the shooting. There was a dark cloud over the Walmart in the days following, with hundreds of law enforcement vehicles surrounding the store and the police tape separating the public from the horrors inside.

The first time I went to Sams Club, I felt my heart beat faster and I couldn't even look over at Walmart. The building was already cleaned out and the remodeling had begun, but I still found myself tearing up at the thoughts of what people went through there. I had to compose myself, take a deep breath and wipe my tears, then proceeded to walk into the Sams Club. The normally bustling store was quiet, and a uniformed police officer was a new sight at the entrance. But the staff was friendly saying hello to everyone and seemed glad that people were there to still patron their store. It was then I realized there was at least one good reason to go back into both of those stores- for the workers. To show them how appreciative I am of them being so strong, and going back into those buildings with their heads held high. Some of the bravest people there will be working behind the cash register, behind the deli counter, stocking shelves and helping you. The workers that need these jobs are there, and that includes the hero manager from August 3rd Gilbert Serna. Gilbert took to his Facebook page to address the community and welcome them back to Walmart 2201:

"I’m so glad that Walmart 2201 is reopening tomorrow. It’s time to move forward and go back to normal and serving our customers. I hope that the community can come back to their store and support the employees. The employees have overcome tremendous odds because of their enduring hope, faith, mental toughness, and resilience. They consciously decided that tragedy wasn’t going to get the better of them — that it wasn’t going to take their life away.

And so they committed themselves to their work.

To my coworkers, let's make the community proud, let's make walmart proud, let's make el paso proud, let's show the USA and Mexico who we are.

Let's show them #elpasostrong #walmartstrong

To the people who were in the trailer or at Sams with me, come give me some love, hugs, and support. I'm gonna need it tomorrow."

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