Local comedian Nico Adjemian was born balding. Not born bald; lots of babies are born bald. Balding. I’ve seen pictures of Nico as a kindergartener and he already had a receding hairline. A widow’s peak followed by Middle School and a comb-over by 9th grade.

Not too surprisingly, Nico took the advice of almost everyone in his life: he finally shaved his remaining hair off. The reactions have been mostly positive (his Mom is a notable hold-out).

Here are a few notable people Nico now sort of resembles with his shaved head.

1.) 3 Characters Played by James McAvoy in “Split”

First, there’s the innocent and childlike Hedwig:

Face in a Hole

On the other end of the “Split” spectrum, here’s Nico as the cannibalistic and super-human “Beast”:

Face in a Hole

This gallery would not be complete with a pic of Nico as “Patricia” the feminine and nurturing McAvoy character:

Face in a Hole

2.) Curly Howard

The bald-pated and durable punching bag of the 3 Stooges:

Face in a hole

(Bonus Fact: Curly’s nickname was literal, at least originally. Before stardom as a Stooge, Curly was known for his full head of curly locks. He was also considered to be ruggedly handsome. Don’t believe it? Check this picture out!)

3.) Ed Norton in American History X

Face in a Hole

Nico is neither a neo-Nazi nor does he have bulging muscles. Then again, Edward Norton doesn’t anymore, either.

4.) Charlie Brown

Face in a Hole

Young, bald, bad at sports and a lovable loser…other than Charlie Brown, Nico Adjemian might be the “Charlie Browniest” person in the world.

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