People have seen the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile and the Planter's NUTmobile cruising around town the past few days. We wrote about the possible scenarios as to why the two iconic vehicles were rolling through the area and thought we may never know the real reason. Thankfully, our ponderings reached the ears of Planters NUTmobile Ambassador Maca-Danny-A who let us know not only would the NUTmobile be in town over the weekend, but they wanted to swing by the morning show and let us see the NUTmobile in person.

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Planters NUTmobile Ambassadors Maca-Danny-A, Trailmix Talya, and PeaNat drove to our station in the showstopping NUTmobile to let us know they were driving through the Southwest and have been in El Paso for a few days. The group spent yesterday volunteering at the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger food bank so the NUTmobile and their ambassadors are helping the community while they're here visiting.

After our visit, the group let me inside the NUTmobile to see what the inside of a 26-foot peanut on wheels looks like. And I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed. The walls are carpeted, which gives the inside of the peanut a cool retro vibe but has modern amenities like a flatscreen tv. There are 6 captain-style Planter's yellow and blue chairs so the crew can relax between appearances.

The best part has to be the timeline on the ceiling, which shows the evolution of Mr. Peanut from his original look in 1919 all the way to the Planter's nut we know and love today. Check out the photos below and see what the inside of the NUTmobile looks like. To learn more about the NUTmobile at its website.

If you want to see the NUTmobile out and about in El Paso, check them out at these events below (events are subject to cancellation if bad weather happens):

  • Saturday 2/13
    • The Northwest Market
    • 10 AM- 2 PM at the Canyons at Cimarron
  • Sunday 2/14
    • Upper Valley Artist and Farmers Market
    • 11 AM- 2 PM at Grace Gardens

See What the Inside of the Planter's NUTmobile Looks Like

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