There are different white letters scattered all around the Franklin Mountains. Each white letter you see represents the high schools here in the El Paso Independent School District. One particular letter has been kept in tip-top shape for many years now. I have heard stories from my parental unit and uncles about the hikes they did to touch up the A. It is a process that takes a bit of time to add more white to the rocks that form the letter A. You can imagine all the times it rains here in El Paso it slowly but surely washes away the white paint on the rocks. Hence, why some of the other letters on the mountain aren't as noticeable as the A for Austin and the letter I for Irvin. In my opinion, I believe the only letters that really stand out and are bright are Austin's and Irvin's.

My friend who goes on his regular hiking adventures shared some beautiful photos recently. He captures pictures of what the A looks like up close and personal. He put in the hard work of taking that hike that not a lot of us would do to get a close up of the A. But he as always is kind enough to let me share the pictures with you that he worked so hard to get. So Hollywood isn't the only place that has letters on their mountains. The difference between them and us is we use rocks and have to touch up the paint on every single one.

A on the Mountain for Austin

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