This little girl's reaction is 100% proof that the little things can make a HUGE difference! I am a strong believer in third times a charm and it definitely was a charm for this young girly!

NHL captured a young hockey fan anxiously watching the hockey players and especially eyed Brett Connolly. Brett attempted to throw over a hockey puck to her but the gentleman behind her caught it and handed it over to the boy beside her. The second time around Brett threw another hockey puck got handed over to another boy beside the young girl. You can see Brett was determined to get this young fan a memoir of that game he was playing. After both boys received the hockey pucks that were meant for the girl, she finally scored one herself! Brett this time banged the protective glass making sure this next and final hockey puck had her name all over it.

Her face lit up like a firework on the Fourth of July once she finally received her hockey puck!

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