At this year's San Diego Comic Con there were plenty of movie trailers shown for the first time. Disney has kind of pulled back (though not completely out) with their participation at Comic Con, so not much in the way of "Marvel" or "Star Wars" franchises. Here are some of the highlights along with my highlights of the highlights

  • 1.) Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Overview: We find out that Godzy is only ONE of a whole crew of giant creatures called "Titans" who somehow are responsible for saving Mother Earth from human contamination??

Highlights: Mothra, Tywin Lannister, a soothing Clare de Lune music track

  • 2.) Aquaman

Overview: It looks like we're getting an origin story of Aquaman (aka: the aquatic movie character that women other than Sally Hawkins want to have sex with).

Highlights: Aquaman's underwater kingdom kind of looks like CGI that was left over from Gungan City in The Phantom Menace. Also, I guess Aquaman has an evil brother or something. I wonder if his name is "Yoki" or "Woki".

  • 3.) Shazam

Overview: We find out what makes Billy Batson unique: He's the one person on earth who thinks the D.C. Cinematic heroes are cool. Including Batfleck.

Highlights: There's a Hogwarts style subway. Captain Marvel looks like a buff Jimmy Fallon. It looks like DC has decided to stop copying the dark tone of Marvel movies (The "Fantastic 4" reboot, "Logan") and start copying the "fun" of Marvel movies ("Ant-man", "Thor: Ragnarok").

  • 4.) Titans

Overview: Aaaaand, DC is back to the "dark and gritty" drawing board.

Highlights: So edgy! So teeagery! F*** Batman? No, Boy Wonder. F*** you! There's a reason only the absolute WORST Batman movies had a Robin (see "Chris O'Donnell"; see "Bat Shark-Repellent"). I thought this trailer looked "cable-TV-bad". I had no idea it's actually going to be "web-TV-bad"!

  • 5.) Glass

Overview: The last two good movies from M. Night Shyamalan did were "Split" and "Unbreakable". That last one is almost 20 years old. This is the third in what turns out to be a trilogy. Third time's a charm? Maybe?

Highlights: I'll hand it to M. Night..."Unbreakable" was the best non-superhero superhero movie. David Dunn is like Superman but with only 1/one-millionth of the powers. He's just a LITTLE stronger than a regular person and only a LITTLE more psychic than a regular person. Wait...are they...are they putting together... A TEAM?!?! This actually could be the perfect trilogy. As long as it doesn't go all "Lady in the Water" on us.

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