Because really, how often have you used the flan emoji before? 

Every Taco Tuesday my heart breaks a little bit when I realize I can't invite my friends to taco night with a cute little animation in my text. There's a beer emoji (which I use often), ice cream, pizza and hamburger but you're going to tell me there's no taco emoji yet! There's an emoji for almost every asian dish out there, some that I had to look up because I had no idea what a fish cake, rice cracker or Dango (still have no idea what Dango is, and didn't care to research more) was. If you want to see the entire list of emoji meanings, check out Emojipedia.

But now, here we are, with the organization that regulates emojis looking at 37 new possible candidates. The entire list of new candidates you can see on Mashable, but lets be honest. There's only one candidate that matters and that's the taco. Unless Katniss Everdeen is coming to kick your ass and needs to text you what she's going to use, the bow and arrow doesn't seem necessary.

Taco Bell also knows how important it is to have a taco emoji, and they have started an online petition to get the taco emoji in the next update. So far, there are over 27,000 signatures on the petition, and it continues to grow. So go ahead and add your name to the petition and let us bring the Taco Tuesday goodness to the entire emoji world!

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