It took forever but Castner Range is now safe from development and under federal protection.

Castner Range has always had developers drooling over it as it offers some of El Paso's most beautiful views. As long as you don't get killed wandering around in it.

It took decades but Castner Range is now a national monument and safe from those who want to pile up homes and businesses all over it. For which, many are very happy.

It's not really being used to its full potential because of a deadly, hidden threat. The odds of getting blown up on the former Army firing range leave it sort of un-useable.

That should be changing fairly soon though as walking trails and other amenities are being discussed. It will be at least 5 years though before the range opens to the public.

That's how long it's expected to take to remove the threats that are buried all over it in the form of unexploded ordinance that can still totally "go boom".

The US Army will be charge of the National Monument as that ...

... will better enable the service to execute its environmental cleanup responsibilities and leverage its strong, preexisting relationships with the El Paso community. It will also be the first national monument that the military has managed in over 90 years, showcasing the ability of the Army to steward our lands for both military use and the general public. - denix.osd

Once "cleared", the El Paso Times says the planned trails could include handicapped accessible ones as well as sensory trails for the visually or hearing impaired.

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