It's a whole different world for musicians these days and Hellyeah's Vinnie Paul reveals in a new interview that he's glad he's not a 20-something musician just trying to break into the industry.

Echoing the sentiments of Gene Simmons of how difficult it is for new bands to get the support needed to flourish, Paul addressed many of the ills of the industry as it stands.

Speaking with Australia's Music Business Facts, the drummer stated, "I wish things were back to the traditional way where people held the vinyl and they looked at the record and they knew everything about your band. Today's world is so 'here today, gone this afternoon.'" He points to the fact that so few acts sell a million records a week in the current climate, something that was not unheard of when Pantera were in their prime.

Having come off the Mayhem Festival, which had one of its most difficult runs and came under fire over the booking, Paul added that there is some truth to the lack of younger bands that can headline festivals.

He explains, "If you look at the bands that are headlining all these festivals these days, there's no new bands — it's always Metallica, it's always Aerosmith, it's always Judas Priest, Van Halen, KISS … It's all these bands that have been around for forty years. The only band I can think of that's come along in the last ten or fifteen years that can headline festivals is Linkin Park, and that's really about it. Maybe Slipknot."

He adds, "There really hasn't been the kind of artist development that there used to be. It's gonna be a shock to the concert system [when these bands retire], man. Live Nation and AEG and all these people are gonna have to figure out a way to turn some of these other bands into headliners. Either that or the festivals are gonna go away, you know, because every year, if you look at [the festival headliners], it's one of those bands that's been around forever."

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