Here are some more gift ideas for the rockers on your Christmas list, and these are some “hot” items.

Sorry, bad pun, I know.

I recently gave you a few ideas for rockin’ Christmas gifts that would appeal to the drinking rockers on your gift list.  Now, here is one for your fellow rockers that like it hot. Genuine rock star hot sauces.

Ivan Moody once considered making his own hot sauce. (A few sample bottles were even released and, I must admit, they were pretty good.) Now, lots of rock and metal artists are firing up their fans taste buds as well as their ears with specialty hot sauces.

Here are a few to get you started.

Other bands have taken a stab at the hot sauce world including Zakk Wylde, Joe PerryKISS.

Seriously, is there anything Gene Simmons won't slap a KISS decal on and sell? ... and Motley Crue to name a few.

Those last ones may or may not be readily available but a good internet search may turn some up from another fan or a private seller. Good luck.

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