There is this band I have been keeping up with lately that cares A LOT about their fans but not only that, interacts with them as well! The band members  Chase Johnson, Nick Gross, Scott Pounds & Even Smith of Open Air Stereo show that their fans matter to them. This band is based out of Laguna Beach, California but currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Their influences include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and The Beatles.

You ask how I know this? Well I am living proof of that fact! I have spoken to the lead singer Chase Johnson before when he offered kind advice to me. Heck! They even take time out of their day to like a status on your facebook and even comment! Hopefully one day we will get to play them on the Q, Hey! A woman can hope! But below I posted a video from one of their hits that still gets me stoked! Check the link out to hear the music! It is Open Air Stereo - Highest Height.

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