Disease, riots, mosquito season, and now, watch out for wildfires in the Borderland.

We are at a point where the conditions for fire(s) are exceptionally good. It is very hot, high winds are expected and the land is super dry right now.  The perfect storm for "firestorms".

Authorities recommend you postpone any outdoor burning for the immediate future and be sure areas around your home have not accumulated lots of dry brush, leaves, yard waste, etc. It's also a good idea to cut back low hanging tree limbs. The simplest thing can start a fire and, under our current conditions, it can spread quickly. Like "wildfire" as the saying goes ... see more prevention tips here.

If you see a fire, move away from it and report it immediately. If it is near your home or property, call the fire department and then ... if it is safe to do so ... moisten your roof and close yard areas with a hose. This should help drifting sparks and embers from landing on, and starting a new fire on, your property.  If your home does become involved, gather your loved ones and pets and leave. Don't try to reenter or grab belongings. Call the fire department again and let them know the situation has escalated. (Non-structure fires may not be seen as a priority if they are already handling multiple calls.)

If you are unable to escape a wildfire, keep these tips in mind:

  • Don't try to outrun the blaze. Instead, look for a body of water such as a pond or river to crouch in.
  • If there is no water nearby, find a depressed, cleared area with little vegetation, lie low to the ground, and cover your body with wet clothing, a blanket, or soil. Stay low and covered until the fire passes.
  • Protect your lungs by breathing air closest to the ground, through a mask or moist cloth, if possible, to reduce smoke inhalation. - National Geographic


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