Who would have thought that Buzz Adams and Olivia Munn would have come from the same state? Well, interestingly enough, they both come from Oklahoma. Munn, born in Oklahoma City, OK on July 3rd, 1980.

Before she was Sloan Sabbith in Newsroom and Psylocke in X-men: Apocalypse, she was making nerds swoon as herself on Attack of the Show. A show that I miss dearly. If you aren't familiar with Attack of the Show but consider yourself a "nerd" or "geek", you are a faux "nerd" or "geek".

But, either way, here are some great moments from Olivia Munn and Attack of the Show. Maybe you're reliving these moments, or are experiencing them for the first time. Either way, enjoy. (Yeah, the clip lengthy but seriously, it's the day before the 4th of July and most likely a company holiday. How much work are you really going to get done?)

Video courtesy of HazardTyme5603

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