This past weekend I got to see the movie "The Forever Purge". As far as the Purge franchise, it's actually one of the better films. The new Purge film takes place in Texas, and in the trailer it hints that El Paso is also in the film. I didn't know exactly how much El Paso would be shown, but I was impressed.

The third act takes place in El Paso, and despite the action scenes being shot on a set, the aerial views of El Paso are great! Also, if you want my thoughts on the MOST UNBELIEVABLE scene in the entire movie, click here.

El Paso is no stranger to film, many movies feature El Paso in some way or another- just like in "The Forever Purge". This is either by mentioning the Sun City or actually taking place. I love when a movie mentions El Paso, I feel like cheering in the theater, some people do.

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Movies like Kill Bill mention EP, but, really no filming was done here (boo!). The church in Kill Bill which was supposed to be in the desert of El Paso was actually filmed outside of Lancaster, north of Los Angeles in the Mojave desert.

Then there's the news that Gael Garcia Bernal was here this past weekend actually filming a movie in the 915. It even caused some to question what this huge convoy with a mysterious box had?

While we appreciate the name drop, there are lots of other films where El Paso is actually featured. Take a second look at some of these films and see if you can spot the 915!


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