A video posted on social media shows a mysterious and kind of frightening-looking white box traveling through El Paso. But what is it?
For anybody that's seen Dave Batista's new zombie flick "Army of the Dead," this new video of a mysterious transport in the Northeast is freaking some people out.

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If you haven't seen "Army of the Dead," let me explain...

At the beginning of the movie, the military is transporting something in a box, similar to the one seen in El Paso over the weekend. A distracted driver (let's just say his wife is servicing him at the moment) crashes into the military convoy which allows the contents of the box are released. Spoiler alert- it's zombies.

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Another movie example of a mysterious box would be "Tomorrow War." I haven't seen this Amazon flick yet but from what I'm gathering in the comments, there could be an alien inside there. The giant tubes could be what's pumping space air to the creature allowing it to stay alive. But I'm hoping it's either a zombie or my last guess....

Dinosaurs. In the Jurassic Park movies, they use more like a cage to transport the dinosaurs but if the animal is sedated, a white box like we saw would make sense.

Any way you look at it, something strange was movie through the Sun City over the weekend. But while all of us are thinking of strange and mysterious reasons, the reality is it's mostly like something from a movie.

Mexican actor Gael Garcia was in El Paso filming over the weekend and the massive convoy had a lot of items that would be normal at a film shoot. Big RVS, portable restrooms, trailers for hair and makeup, and a police escort. If the item really was something nefarious (although I don't think dinosaurs are evil by the way) the military would have been there escorting instead of the police. Hopefully someone tells us what it is, if not, we're just going to keep guessing what top secret items are making their way through the Northeast.


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