You might have scrolled through your social media to see some fellow El Pasoans celebrating El Paso day. Now you may be wondering why is it El Paso day? Well, take a look at the calendar.

El Paso's area code is the reason you will see some people saying Happy El Paso Day since it is 915 or 09/15/2020. Creative, right? We El Pasoans are proud of our city and really will find any excuse to celebrate.

It was only a couple of years ago when I first understood the saying, but something I believe we should do on a day like today is shop around, eat, and drink locally.

As it is, this pandemic has taken a toll on many local stores, restaurants, and breweries. Our community has pulled through some difficult times and we We all came together after the Walmart shooting on Saturday, August 3, 2019, so today we should make it a point to help out our local vendors.

Today's date 9/15 (915) was something I didn't catch until someone pointed it out to me in 2018. If you see people posting a status about "Happy El Paso Day" and are clueless, now you know why.

Don't feel bad if you're barely discovering what today is, but be sure to share Happy El Paso Day with others.

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