Happy halfway to Halloween!

What is Halfway to Halloween?

Unsure of what that means? It literally means we are at the halfway mark to Halloween. Halloween in El Paso is quite a big deal; I realize this every time we do the Halloween parade and there's just a ton of people!

Connie Hernandez
Connie Hernandez

Halloween is a fun time of year and I love it. I love seeing the costumes, the scares and the parties. If you are a lover of Halloween, and like me, wish that we could celebrate it twice, well this year is your chance!

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Craftbox Fill Station and Bar and Rally Point Coffee are joining forces and are bringing El Paso the very first Halfway to Halloween Party!

Located at 4726 Woodrow Bean, Suite E, Craftbox Fill Station and Bar and Rally Point Coffee's Halfway to Halloween Party takes place on April 29.

Craftbox Fill Station and Bar
Craftbox Fill Station and Bar


The complex is connected to Rally Point Coffee where you can spike any drink with coffee, The Shack, and Ft. Bliss Cigar Company so patrons of those businesses will also get a peak at the Halloween party. And in case you are wondering, yes, costumes are HIGHLY encouraged!

Portrait of Young Smiling People in Scary Costumes

There will be a costume contest, so dress to impress!

The event is the first of its kind in El Paso, but judging by how much El Paso loves Halloween, it's sure to be a success.

If you are like me and didn't get to celebrate this past Halloween because you were out sick with COVID (!!) then this Halfway to Halloween Party is the perfect chance to show off that costume that you worked hard on! Get more info here.

Happy hauntings, boos and ghouls!

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