The former owner of the iconic El Paso car wash was 88 years old.

Maynard Haddad passed away Thursday. His business, H & H Car Wash, was a uniquely "El Paso" business. It was practically a legend. Where else in El Paso ... anywhere for that matter ... could you get your car washed while you enjoyed some absolutely fantastic Mexican food and chatted with others from all over the area and from all walks of life.

Native or non-native, rich or poor, young or old, everybody grooved at the H & H counter. Even the rich and famous frequented the place which often hosted actors, musicians, politicians, athletes and more.

People would come just for the food and sometimes, just to see the place or revel in their memories of going there as kids with their Dads, uncles and Grandpas. A mountain lion even stopped in once.

The pandemic created problems for H & H, as it did for so many other businesses, and Mr. Haddad was forced to close the car wash but kept the restaurant open as long as he could. Despite his efforts, he ultimately decided to closed the restaurant as well in 2021. When asked why he was throwing in the towel, his response was short and sweet. He just said: "there comes a time and the time is now".

I remember going there years and years ago in the KLAQ limousine to have it washed and gassed up. That was kind of my summer job one year, handling chores around the station. It wasn't glamorous work and I wasn't one of the mighty Q DJ's but, hanging around the studios led to a lot of "interesting" moments.

At first the idea of eating in a car wash wasn't very appealing but after some prodding from my brother and the other KLAQ jocks, I finally tried it and , DAYUM was it good.

I miss the place even more now being that whatever possible hope there may have ever been that we'd someday get it back is gone.

RIP Mr. Haddad.


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