There's nothing more deceiving than ordering some food that sounds like a great deal but isn't what you think. That's what happened to someone I know who lives in Austin, Texas when he had a craving for tamales.

My friend Ryan McDonald had shared a picture of the food he got to eat that had people (including me) shook.

Ryan stopped by his local grocery store that happened to sell food that reminds him of home (El Paso), tamales. Well, Ryan was thrilled when he discovered a dozen tamales were being sold for only $6.

Once Ryan was able to sit down and eat he had the surprise of his life when he unwrapped his order. Ryan was expecting to see what typical dozen tamales usually look like, but instead saw miniature tamales. Turns out a dozen tamales for $6 sounded too good to be true. So, Ryan did what every other human being that's surprised would do, and took a picture to share with others.

Tamales in Austin crack me up.

Posted by Ryan McDonald on Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Ryan snapped a picture of his dozen tamales and shocked a lot of his family and friends. Hell, some of his buddies that live here in El Paso were poking fun at the size of his order.

You will see just how small a dozen tamales measure up to be in the featured image above. Ryan couldn't pass up sharing a picture of his miniature-sized tamales on Facebook.

We can say those miniature tamales ta malito. I thought things in Texas were meant to be bigger, NOT smaller. Well, one thing is for sure, Ryan's friends had a lot to say about the size of their tamales.

We can guess that maybe size really does matter to El Pasoans.

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