I'm pretty sure this is an awesome side-effect of overdosing on Whataburger. Amir Safi performed an 'Ode to Whataburger' at this years Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival. Amir spoke of things that many of us Texans are feeling every time we take a bite of Whataburger.

I got some intense chills when I heard the line, "We have come to receive your honey butter chicken blessings." The Texas based fast food chain quickly recognized the The Texas A&M graduate and applauded his stellar performance on Twitter.

In an interview with the Houston Chronicle, Amir said this about his widely popular 'Ode to Whataburger, "The ode is a summation of what we all love at Whataburger and maybe that's why it's been getting support."

This just proves that Intern Emily and I aren't the only ones looking at all the food porn pictures on Whataburger's Instagram page. Millions of people across the south are also fans.