I'm adding this knockout to 'My Top 5 Fights in El Paso.' It took place at a seafood restaurant,'Los Colegas Seafood' during lunch. Sommer Chavez posted the video to Facebook and said, "Lunch and entertainment ... wait for it ... wait for it .... TKO."

The fight starts off with two women rolling around on the floor pulling at each other's hair. I'm guessing they were fighting over the last piece of chicken. To be honest, I'd fight over the last piece of chicken.

About 30 seconds into the video, the man in purple tells the man in black to "STOP." Well, he doesn't listen. The guy in the purple was quick with a right hook to the chin. The guy in black had no chance because he was wide open.

The fight ends with the chick in the black top picking up the KO victim off the floor. Leaving us all with a Lent video to be thankful for. I was waiting for somebody to shout,"Hueles a Fish!"