Over the coarse of time the guitar solo has been just as important as the words written in the song itself. That first few seconds that go by leave a blistering impact on whether you continue the song or pass. With so many bands and a ton of guitarists I personally think it's impossible to choose the best but, here is one of my favorites.

First and foremost I have to go with the band who's album I received as a child, Van Halen. Enter and welcome Mr. Eddie Van Halen. This madman on the guitar is an inspiration to practically anyone who ever picked up a guitar. Incredible insight and talent, Mr. Van Halen has not one but many memorable solos in his rock resume. Pretty crazy he first started his musical career playing drums!

With all the bands we know about and the ton more out there we don't know about, a lot of great guitarists stand unrecognized. As a rock n roll fanatic I give props to all those about to rock, I salute you!!