A Santa Fe woman and Ex Wife of Pulitzer Prize winning author Cormac McCarthy was arrested after sheriff officers were called to her home over a domestic disturbance call. Allegedly her and boyfriend argued about space aliens earlier in the day. From that point on the story just gets crazy. Continue reading to find out where she pulled the gun out of.

After the argument Jennifer McCarthy returned to the home changed into some sexy clothes. She then began to perform a sex act on her boyfriend. The husband says she then told him, " Who is crazy, you or me?"


Alright this is where it gets strange. She then pulled out a gun from her vagina and pointed it at her boyfriends head. I assume it was his head by his shoulders and not the one down there. The boyfriend grabbed the gun and but it in the bathroom toilet. She then grabbed the gun and ditched it outside in the trash can.

She was arrested and released on a $5,000 bond. A couple of questions. Why did she have the gun inside her? Does her husband shoot blanks. I heard about going out with a bang but man this girl is crazy.

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