Imagine going to your local grocery store and getting some tomatoes, bread, milk and a tequila shot with music played by a DJ?

The hottest night spot in Florida is not a hip, new club or even an expensive restaurant with a waiting list- it's a grocery store! That's right, in Florida there is a grocery store where you can buy all your groceries and also dance the night away.

Seed to Table is described as a "culinary celebration, a complete dining, shopping and entertainment experience." Everything they grow prepare or sell is wholesome and made-from-scratch. Now, thanks to social media the rest of the country can look with envy as patrons enjoy a night out while overlooking the produce section.

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Over on Instagram, the media group @Betches shared an inside look at ladies night inside Seed to Table, where, you cannot deny, it looks friggin' badass!

Am I getting old or does this look like a ton of fun?

Seed to Table seems to have everything in order; the produce, the restaurant and the tequila shots. And people love it. Over on their Facebook page, the comments and reactions to their dance parties are overwhelmingly positive; and why wouldn't they be? It looks like a great time.

As much as I think it's great that Seed To Table has dance parties, I think El Paso supermarkets can do it better! Imagine dancing to some great tunes in the aisles of a Vista Market? I mean, I've actually seen it in real life- but adding the DJ and the lights would be awesome!

Maybe El Super is more your jam? That's also a great place for you to dance to some salsa music, while also getting the ingredients for salsa!

Vista Market or El Super- it's time to throw a dance party!

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