Green Day are helping Bay Area voters pass the time in line with a cup of joe this election season. The veteran band's Oakland Coffee Works company has partnered with World Central Kitchen to make the voting experience a pleasurable one, serving up coffee for those waiting to cast their votes.

“We need to look out for and support each other out there. You know how important your vote is. We want to make it a little easier for everyone, so we’re donating up to 10,000 cups of coffee to voters in line at the Oakland polls. World Central Kitchen is making the voting experience much nicer, which is really important these days,” stated Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt, who is also a co-founder of Oakland Coffee Works.

Green Day's Oakland Coffee Works has committed to providing 10,000 cups of coffee for those waiting to vote. To learn more about Oakland Coffee Works, click here.

As stated, this is part of World Central Kitchen's Chefs for the Polls initiative, which will also provide free meals to poll workers, voters and community members. World Central Kitchen is a non-profit organization that usually mobilizes volunteers during times of crisis to provide food for those in need. Meals will be available to all members of the community and not just voters. Learn more about World Central Kitchen's efforts here.

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