What in the ever-living-Hell are we supposed to be doing here in El Paso? First, we get an order from Judge Samaniego saying we're back on lockdown. Then Mayor Dee Margo says that the Judge's order isn't lawful and says to stay open. The Texas Attorney General even jumped in to fray and sent out this tweet:

The El Paso police department has said that they won't be enforcing the lockdown, but the El Paso County Sheriff's office said that they would be enforcing the Judge's order. And it looks like we have businesses being fined for remaining open. Here are a few of the places that got busted for not following the lockdown restrictions:

  • Don Carbon Mesquite Grill in Anthony (Isn't that out of the their jurisdiction? It's in New Mexico)
  • The Great American Steakhouse in Vinton
  • Corralito Steakhouse on Airway Blvd

Co-Founder of Don Carbon, Tania Peregrino said:

As local business owners, we just seek clarity. We are not trying to impede strategy to flatten the curve or break the law by any means but we do need clear guidance and support from the community leaders, like what’s the right thing to do.

She has a valid point. I don't blame these businesses for staying open. From what I can tell, the Judge's orders aren't legal because they can't supersede the governor's orders. So what is the right move here? I'll say it again, stick to the three simple guidelines:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Keep your distance
  3. Wear a mask

Just those three things will help the numbers go down.

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