If this whole quarantine, stay at home business has you bored, first of all, get a hobby, second of all, may I suggest a nice big helping of Baby Yoda? If you haven't seen "The Mandalorian" then you are missing out. Get up from under that rock and get to watching it! Even if you aren't a big "Star Wars" fan, trust me, this show is super captivating.

If you have already experienced "The Mandalorian" then now may be a great time to revisit it, I mean, we're already home and it's so great, why not, right? Anyways, we already know that season two is set to premiere in October, but now Variety is reporting that season three is already in the works over at Disney.

While the current pandemic has many studios shut down, Variety exclusively learned that pre-production on the third season is well underway, with sources confirming that creator Jon Favreau has actually been writing season three for quite awhile now. The source also confirms that the production design department began working on season three on April 20th. With season two having wrapped up production before the nation was hit with the coronavirus shutdowns, this is certainly some great news to come from this dumpster fire. This is the way.

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