El Paso natives still get a kick out of visiting Gravity Hill on the West side of town! They even feel a rush of excitement showing out of towners this creepy spot.

The Rizzo's wanted to test their luck on Gravity Hill and record their adventure. There is a legend every El Pasoan loves to tell about Gravity Hill. That legend is about a mother and her four children are the ones responsible for your vehicle moving while in neutral. They say when you plan on making a visit and testing this creepy adventure out to bring baby powder. The Rizzo's started moving quickly right after putting their vehicle in neutral. They may have left out the best part leaving us wondering if handprints were left or not. Gravity Hill is located on the West side of town on Thunderbird Drive, so don't forget to take the baby powder.

If you have or haven't witnessed Gravity Hill for yourself take the poll below!

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