Summer is officially here. Even though it feels like summer has been here since Memorial day, the heat continues to rise. Living in Texas, we know that we have to find creative ways to beat the heat! One of my favorite ways is to put my pillow in the freezer, try it!

Another way to keep cool is flip flops, sandals or just any shoe we can get some air circulating to keep our tootsies cool. Now Crocs- the widely deemed ugly shoe brand- wants in on the summer shoe trend. While Crocs do have a selection of flip flops and sandals, some people say that regular Crocs are also good for keeping you cool in the summer. But, does it feel like Crocs are not marketed for your Goth loving heart? Well, now they are!

Behold, the "Goth Crock"

HeavyCreamStore via Etsy
HeavyCreamStore via Etsy

That's right, you can purchase these on Etsy from HeavyCreamStore. Made by a designer who goes by @garbage_b0y on Instagram, these Crocs retail for $150 and up. I'm not going to lie, I kind of dig them. It's like, perfect for 14 year old me's aesthetic but also comfortable enough for 30 year old me to enjoy! Would you wear these? You have to admit, they're pretty hardcore. These definitely give the Kiss Crocs a run for their money.

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