If you have extra blankets lying around your home, there are various animal rescues and groups that are in need! Find out where you can drop them off here. The weather is getting cold and various rescue groups in El Paso are in need of donations of blankets and towels to help keep animal's cages warm during the winter months. Various groups are now beginning to prepare and are asking for donations of various items to help them during this difficult time.

One of the most requested item is blankets for the cages, but many rescues are also asking for donations of toys, food, treats, beds, and other pet items that can be used and enjoyed by the animals currently looking for their forever homes. Some rescues are currently raising puppies or kittens and milk replacers ir meat flavored baby food is laos being requested. They are asking for donations of any new or used blankets, towels or sheets for the animals to have in their kennels at night. Just no comforters, since the dog tend to rip them up into a fluffy mess. This gives the animals something to cuddle with at night, and helps the situation they are in a little better.

Here are just a few of the rescues and animal shelters that are taking donations right now:

Each rescue may have different needs so you can call and see if there is anything specific they want or need. But for the most part, these rescues will be overjoyed to receive your kind gifts during this holiday season. All of these rescues also take monetary donations as another way to help and still be able to social distance.

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