Oh my god becky, look at that hiney! It's so big and vibrating!

Many men are thanking RR Marquez for coming up with this bright idea to strap a GoPro to the back of motorcycle while his friend Tabitha goes for a long ride. He has made multiple videos starring Tabitha and her big ol' booty riding different types of motorcycles.

This is the perfect combination for anyone into booty and bikes. If you're a chi-chi man, then head to Ronson's page but not before giving these videos a long stare. I hate GoPros ever since Computer Babe Lauren strapped one on to me to go down Wet n' Wild's Screamer during Balloonfest but I now see how they are beneficial.

I'm not sure if this is considered twerking but this girl's booty will mesmerize you. I wonder what would happen if you strapped that behind Kim Kardashian? Tabitha seems to be able to give Kim K. a run for her money. Check out why a GoPro should be your number one item on your Christmas list.

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