You might think every state is busy searching for porn but the searches are actually way more shocking than that.

Our lovely state of Texas has some really weird people who are searching for herpes, zombies and even dinosaurs. Other Texas searches included meth recipes, purple drank, tacos, snake bites, boogers, calf implants and everyone's favorite, does beer make you fat?

I have a weird feeling someone might be making up these searches because I find it hard to believe people in New Mexico are searching for Frito Pies and Juggalo. I picked out a few of my favorites but all the states are pretty equally weird:

  • ALABAMA:  FOX News, God, Impeach Obama, Jesus,  Jessica Simpson, Obama Is The Antichrist, Polka, Satan
  • CALIFORNIA: Alcoholics Anonymous, Bros Before Hos, Dandruff Cure, Food Poisoning, Google Glass, Kim Kardashian, Meat is Murder, Paris Hilton, Pokemon, Rogaine, What does Siri look like?
  • FLORIDA:  Alligator Wrestling, Botox, Eyebrow Piercing, Hulk Hogan, Lice, Stand Your Ground, Swingers, Viagra, What is sarcasm?
  • ILLINOIS:  Burrito, Deep Dish Pizza, Dennis Rodman, Golf Injury, Pizza, Racist Jokes, “Workaholics” (TV show)
  • NEW JERSEY: Britney Spears, Cure for Baldness, Girdles, Pantaloons,Teletubbies, Thumb Wrestling
  • NEW YORK: Bed Bugs, Darwinism, Fur Coats, George Michael (singer), Marrying Cousin, Sniffing Glue
  • PENNSYLVANIA: Back Shaving, Beer, Competitive Eating, Jello Wrestling, Oxycodone, Taylor Swift (singer), What is ketchup?
  • UTAH: Demolition Derby, Girls Gone Wild, Global Warming Hoax, Mustaches and Weird Al Yankovic (singer).
  • WEST VIRGINIA:  Anarchy, Belly Button Piercing, Cat Videos, Conspiracy Theories, Nancy Grace and Meat Loaf Recipes.


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