Every week we like to set aside a few minutes to look at some selected news stories and really examine them. Get in depth and scrutinize them from all angles. Not just one side of the story. The good news AND the bad news….

BAD: A Louisiana high school teacher was arrested for giving pot brownies to two of her students.

GOOD: The teacher says she has learned her lesson and won’t bring any more pot brownies to school….unless she brings enough for the whole class.

GOOD: Paris Hilton says she's getting a residency as a deejay at a Las Vegas casino.

BAD: All those other Vegas casinos won’t be allowed to say they have the loosest slots in town anymore

GOOD: A friend of mine is opening an authentic Fifties style diner

BAD: He’s going to have an old fashioned jukebox and a real soda fountain…and black people won’t be allowed to sit at the counter.

GOOD: I learned a really interesting fact about animals this week! Dolphins are the only animals, other than humans, that enjoy sex

BAD: I had to #^@! a lot of animals to figure that out.

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