On Friday, April 30, lots of El Pasoans carried a heavy heart hearing the sad news about Coach Don Brooks. Coach Brooks was always everyone's favorite to run into in the halls. Especially during the times, he caught you ditching class. Well, as of yesterday Mr. Don Brooks passed away which means the angels gained a new coach up above.

Guys know how much of a legend Coach Don Brooks was if you've ever played for the Coronado High School football team. Hell, some of those stories are being told by former Coronado football players to their kids about the great Coach Brooks. One thing we know about Coach Brooks is he definitely fought his strongest fight with cancer.

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There's a fond memory I have with the late Coach Brooks when I attended Coronado High School. Even if you never played under his wing, he always treated you as if you did. I remember his friendly smile and head gesture and make a silly remark for being tardy to first period.

Your typical encounter with Coach Brooks would normally be between building C and the gym hallways. Well, my junior year I had English for my first period and some mornings I overslept. Well, English was in C building, and having to get a slip from the office in A building made me even later.

But I look back and can appreciate how Coach Brooks turned my bad mood into a good one from our bump-ins. Well, I know I am not the only one who has a fond memory of the late Coach Don Brooks. Plus, it is safe to assume that Coach Brooks was everyone's favorite substitute teacher to have sub the class.

Coach Don Brooks may have seemed intimidating but he was definitely a kind man at heart. If you would like to enjoy some small clips of how we remembered him most as a coach, KTSM 9 News provided that above.

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