If you love chicken, you'll be happy to know that after MONTHS of teasing, the new Chick'n Cone restaurant on the west side finally opened TODAY & for lunch, I went there.

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My family LOVES chicken, so when I heard on Instagram about the Chick'n Cone that JUST opened up this afternoon, I figured I'd give it a try, especially since I never thought of eating chicken INSIDE a waffle cone before. Chick'n Cone is located in The Canyons at Cimarron on the west side: 7470 Cimarron Market Ave, Building 8 Suite 100. As of right now, it's the ONLY location in El Paso.

On the outside, there was plenty of outdoor seating under a nice awning for shade.


There was even a doggie dish, in case you bring your pet along with you.

attachment-Doggie Dish

Walking inside, you can INSTANTLY smell the sauces & freshly made chicken & waffle cones. Much to my surprise, the line didn't get long UNTIL me & my uncle Kyle (visiting from Pennsylvania) took our orders. There was very nice lighting along with a lit up sign that says "#SoCluckingGood",


TVs on the walls,


There was even a DJ was there for opening day.


Our food took about 20 minutes to come out. Considering we order for 6 PEOPLE (My mother, grandmother, my aunt, uncle & nephew & myself), I'd say that was pretty quick. Our order consisted of: A Chick'n Sandwich, Chick'n Tenders with BBQ Sauce & Yeli Sauce (a bbq/honey mustard combination),


Caj'N Corn & Mac N Cheese, a vanilla waffle crunch shake (a vanilla milkshake with waffle cone bits inside).


2 Chick'n Cones (that you can get Mac N Cheese IN WITH the chicken inside the waffle cones), A Chick'n Cone with Cinna-maple sauce) & Caj'n fries.


All in all, it was a good lunch. My family enjoyed it so I think we'll definitely go back to Chick'n Cone, especially since we're huge fans of chicken.

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