Forget the panic about rumoredTurkey Shortagesfor Thanksgiving. El Paso is already in the middle of a poultry-related crisis!  Do I have “statistics” or “proof” to back up what I’m saying? NO! What I do have is anecdotal evidence, the best kind.

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Photo by Shardar Tarikul Islam on Unsplash

For two weeks in a row, I’ve gone to KFC and been told, “Sorry, we don’t have chicken”.  No chicken?! At KFC! The “C” stands for CHICKEN!

Here’s how my chicken ordeal went down this week. I was driving with my 15-year-old daughter and asked her if she was in the mood for KFC. She said, “Yeah. Do you think they’ll actually HAVE chicken this week?” The previous week we had been told they “didn’t have any chicken” but “can you wait 10 minutes?” I assured her they would have chicken. After navigating Sam’s gas pump are (an ordeal in itself) we went through the drive-thru only to be told, “We don’t have any chicken right now. Can you wait 10 minutes?”


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Hmmm….”10 minutes” AGAIN? Not 15 minutes. Not 5 minutes. What were the odds, I thought, of being at that exact “10-minute” mark two weeks in a row? I wasn’t convinced that they really HAD any chicken whether I waited the requisite 10 minutes or not. For the record, I will NEVER wait 10 minutes for fast-food chicken.


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Still, in the mood for delicious, succulent chicken, we went to Church’s Chicken. Church’s at least had the common, GD decency to have a note (hand-written) taped to their drive-through menu, admitting which items they were out of: French fries…and chicken!  Actually, they were only out of “white” meat, and I only like legs and thighs, so it worked out for me. But the point is that’s two…TWO…chicken joints within 2 blocks of each other that don’t HAVE CHICKEN. Where is the outrage, El Paso??

Do you need further evidence of this crisis? Joanna told me the Church’s she went to, a different one, ALSO had the “no white meat” sign on their drive-thru. And LISA told me a place on Yarbrough has started up-charging if you want to specify “white or dark”.

What has happened to this country?!?

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