They are working hard on new music for us and it sounds like the new album will be brutal.

Pissing Razors are one of El Paso's longest-standing local bands and have achieved both national and international acclaim, loved by metalheads all over the world. Originally formed in 1994, they were originally known as Back Door Cyclops but changed their name to Pissing Razors after a member of the band used the term to describe his symptoms following a visit to a Juarez brothel.

Brothers Danny and Eddy Garcia first formed the band and also opened El Paso's first, all original club/music venue - The Attic. There, many bands both local and regional finally had a chance to strut their stuff without being told to play 90-98 percent "cover material". Danny eventually decided to leave El Paso and the first of many lineup changes occurred. Since then, about 11 different people have been "Razors" including Dewey Bragg, (Kill Devil Hill) and Cesar Soto, (Ministry, 3 Headed Snake).

The 4 current members are .. or have been ... involved in many other projects before and during their tenures with Pissing Razors including:

If you like Pissing Razors, I'm sure you will love these bands as well. Listen to them when you can and keep listening to Q Connected for updates on the new Pissing Razors album, interviews with the band, and ... best of all ... the new music that will be dropping soon!

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