The City of El Paso wants YOU to let them know what your top priorities are for the city with the 2020 financial budget. The City of El Paso is asking El Pasoans to "chime in" and let them know what are your top priorities for the city to accomplish for the 2020 year. The city is working on the fiscal year budget for 2020 and have a survey that El Pasoans can fill out to let them know what is important. The city says that hearing from El Pasoans is "essential in continuing the vision for El Paso to have safe and beautiful neighborhoods, a vibrant regional economy and exceptional recreational, cultural and educational opportunities."

Filling out the survey allows the city to know what improvements they can make for residents and where they should be spending money. Or even help them figure out how they can save money as well! To fill out the survey, just head to the City of El Paso's Office of Budget Management website.