"Girl Dinner" has gone viral and so many people are sharing their girl dinners!

You might be asking yourself, "what the heck is girl dinner?!" "Girl dinner" is essentially a simple meal that may not meet all nutritional requirements, but consists of just enough to fill someone up. It's basically like if you just ate a Lunchables for dinner, or a handful of cheese and cherry tomatoes while standing over the sink, or even just a couple of grilled cheeses can be girl dinner!


It's basically a snacky dinner, for when you're too lazy to make yourself a proper meal; because after all, it is just for you only!

Now, many experts have come out and said that "girl dinner" is not good, and you should probably just eat a full meal. But I get it, sometimes you don't want a full meal, you just want appetizers. I decided to check out what girl dinners would look like in Texas, and I was not surprised by what I found. Like this TikTok user who used the takeout service at Chuy's to make her girl dinner!

Okay, but that creamy jalapeno sauce is delicious!

This one might be a little controversial because it's basically snacks- but really filling snacks might I add!

Over in San Antonio, this girl showed what hers looks like and I have to say, this one is my favorite by far!

And, lastly, this one has to be the smartest one ever because you not only get full but it's basically free.

This one is my least favorite because El Paso doesn't have an H-E-B! Let us know what your girl dinner is in our App Chat! And yes, you can be a man and still have a "girl dinner"!

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