A Texas ghost has spooked a couple into completely shutting down their business.

On Live Hall of Fame Cafe in San Antonio has been providing customers with food and a musical ambiance for almost a year.  Now, a spirit vandal has caused the owners to shut it down. Normally, I'm kind of skeptical about these stories. I believe in ghosts or spirits or whatever you want to call them but, many paranormal happenings are either hoaxes or easily explained by wind, electronic interference, animals, etc.

I'm kinda buying this for two reasons. First: You can see pretty clearly that something mangles the barricade. (Of course, this could be a well thought out publicity stunt. Maybe they tied strings to it or something, who knows? After all, Halloween isn't that far off.)  Second: They actually shut down their business.  When people start taking hits to their wallets over stuff, they're easier to believe!

What do you think??