There are some people in El Paso who enjoy staring up into the sky to enjoy watching the moon or stars. But there is one particular person you may know of because you've seen him out and about in El Paso with his telescope. Chris Grohusko is the man you spot in El Paso at different businesses with his telescope set up. Now sometimes Chris Grohusko will set up his gnarly telescope at El Cometa's parking lot.

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He shares his adventures with the El Paso community by sharing his location of where he will be on El Paso Telescope Cafe Instagram page. Hell, even sometimes he will share the people who stop by to look up at the sky through his telescope on the Instagram page.

Well, El Paso Telescope Cafe shared that this Friday, November 19, we can expect a red moon in the early hours. If you have enjoyed catching a glimpse like this in the past, make sure to do it again this Friday.

Now if you have wondered about how and why the moon turns red during a total lunar eclipse, you can educate yourself with Tech Insider's YouTube video below. So if you wake up in the early morning hours or are barely going to bed by then don't miss out on seeing the red moon.

Plus, this is something the kids will also get a kick out of and be able to discuss what they saw in Science class. So El Paso set your alarms if you don't want to miss out on seeing the moon turn red this Friday.

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