There will be so much for you to see, do, eat, drink, and shop at the Downtown Street Festival. If you've ever dreamed about being knighted then you MUST attend our Downtown Street Festival!

The USO Military Village will be open to the public from 4 pm to 8 pm and is free. The USO Military Village has plenty of entertainment for you and your kids. There will never be a dull moment for you and your family at the Downtown Street Festival. There will be an important group of fighters you will notice that will be dressed up in armor walking around.

Now, don't be frightened when you see those fighters in armor because they can make your dream become a reality. I don't know about you, but I have always dreamed about being knighted! Thanks to BraveheartWillowGladiatorA Knight's Tale, and many more for having an impact on me. Just recently the Beatles drummer Ringo Starr or *ahem* Sir Ringo Starr was honored by the Duke of Cambridge for his dedication to music. The armored fighters will be out and about searching for their candidates "knighting" or blessing (maybe you) in the Kingdom of Beers from Bud Light.

If you're one of the lucky souls to be knighted at the Downtown Street Festival can earn you a free prize! This may not be the real deal but would still be cool to be knighted in the Kingdom of Beer. If you're attending the Downtown Street Festival, be sure to practice getting down on one knee stance.

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