There's been some silly controversy surrounding the new Aerosmith CD, with Steven Tyler jumping onto American Idol, fighting with Joe Perry, words said about him being out of the band, then back in, never ousted. It almost began to sound like a publicity machine gearing up for new album promotion. Hmmmm.

But, after a long time off of recording new music, the band is ready to release their new album, "Music From Another Dimension" on November 6th. It's taken them 10 years to get this one done, and they say it's a return to their early form.

"This is the album we wanted to make since the band got back together in 1984," Joe Perry says. "Can't complain about number one singles or album-driven sold-out world tours, as we blaze the AEROSMITH trail with our fans. But this is the record that when the five of us are in a room yelling turn up the volume, that room could be 1325 Commonwealth Avenue (a reference to the band's first apartment where they lived and wrote their first song)."

via Blabbermouth

To lead up to the release of the album, they're putting out an eight-part series on the making of the album, and parts one and two are now out. Like Douglas Adams wrote, "Share and enjoy!"