We recently reported that Papa Roach were planning to return to the studio on Nov. 1 to start work on their new album, and now more details are pouring in.

With the lofty goal of creating “the album of their career,” lead singer Jacoby Shaddix recently told Q103 in Albany, N.Y., that in preparing for the writing process the band is opening their minds and listening to a broad range of music from metal to electronic to reggae and soaking up all the inspiration.

According to Shaddix, the band will also be participating in spiritual sessions together so they can “connect spiritually and listen and be open to each other’s ideas.” One of the main goals is to create a collective creative unity among the band blending their differences.

With so many albums under their belt, the band is focusing on creating something unusual. Shaddix stressed the importance of creating something “out of the norm” that will be “aggressive and uplifting.” They’ve been experimenting with new sounds and trying out things they’ve never done before.

One of the ideas the band has for the new album is a duet with a female vocalist, something they’ve never done. They’ve tapped producer James Michael for the recording, Michael has worked with everyone from Motley Crue to Halestorm and also fronts the rock band Sixx: AM alongside Nikki Sixx.

While Shaddix notes that they’re just getting under way and they are “nowhere near complete” he vows to keep fans in the loop during the writing process through videos and live chats. He feels, “it keeps fans high and hyped and amps them up.”

Papa Roach are anticipating a late 2012 release date for the new album.

Check out the full interview with Jacoby at Q103.