Kit Harringotn aka Jon Snow gave Anderson Cooper a behind the scenes look at Castle Black, the spot for many fights and deaths on the epic HBO show. Many fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones are familiar with Castle Black, the home for the Night's Watch. Many don't realize where the set is or how the creators of the show are able to create this iconic spot from the books.

During a special on 60 Minutes, Kit Harrington from the show gave 60 Minutes' Anderson Cooper a tour of the Castle Black set. The Castle is actually built into the side of a quarry in Ireland. Cooper and Harrington walked through the set and they looked at all the memorable spots from the show and Kit Harrington gave Anderson Cooper an inside look into those iconic moments on the show. Check out the video above and hear which scene Harrington said resonated most for him during the show. As the show comes to an end, expect a whole lot more Game of Thrones stuff coming your way on our website.

"Game Of Thrones" Season 8 Screening - Red Carpet Arrivals
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