The KLAQ Morning Show had the opportunity to have reality/porn star Mary Carey live in the studio today.  Mary is in town to promote her appearance at the Red Parrot this weekend. Some of the things that Mary talks about are: her life as a porn and reality star. The morning show even got to talk to Mary's mom Judy.  Mary even shares a story on how she almost was on the T.V. show 2 1/2 Men. Mary also plays a round of "Are You Smarter than Fernando Quevas?" Keep up on Mary by checking out her website. Listen to the interview below:

In this opening segment Mary gets us caught up on her life and talks about her experiences on several realty shows and her current role in the porn industry. Mary also talks about her mom - who has schizophrenia and once jumped off a building.  "My mom jumped off a building because she didn't take her schizophrenia medicine for four days and she thought she was being framed for murdering President Roosevelt."

We called Mary's mom, who is in assisted living and has a gift of remembering celebrity birthdays off the top of her head.  You have to listen to it yourself to believe it. Here's and example...Mary: "Mom what is Bill Clinton's Birthday?"  Mary's mom: "August 19, 1946."

In this segment Mary talks about how being in porn has opened up some doors in Hollywood.  She tells the story on how she almost was on the T.V. show '2 1/2 Men.'  "I was gonna play myself and I was very excited because I'd be the 1st porn star to play a role other than Traci Lords in prime time television.  It would be good for me with all the press and everything."

Finally,  Mary plays a round of "Are You Smarter Than Fernando Quevas?" The last time she played, Mary didn't do that well, but this time she was very impressive. She also talks about STD testing in gay porn.

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