Nothing like taking a trip down memory lane. This morning on the MoSho we got on the topic of Buzz getting 'Stulled'. What is 'Stulled'? It has to do with former UTEP Athletic Director Bob Stull. Buzz met him many, many times, even playing full rounds of golf with Bob Stull. But every time Stull would act like they'd never met before.

There was one time I went to the country club with Buzz to have lunch and Bob Stull was there. We were having lunch with Steve Kaplowitz and Kappy was chatting it up with Bob Stull. Buzz leans over to me and says "That's Bob Stull. Watch this. He won't acknowledge me. Won't even look at me." And you know what? Buzz was right! Stull got up, walked right by us, said goodbye to Steve, and didn't even turn in Buzz's direction. Nothing. It was hilarious.

Well, this got to the point that Buzz didn't want to accept a game ball at the UTEP games because Bob Stull was the one handing out the balls. The game that we went to for the game ball, Buzz refused to go on the field at half time. So I took a picture of Buzz and held the picture up while I was accepting the game ball. The pictures are below.

Also in this group of pictures is one of Buzz sleeping at an event called 'Okto-beer-fest', and another of him in his yard picking up pecans. Enjoy the photos and this trip down memory lane.

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