Just one more day till the weekend and what better way to start getting ready than to end the evening with Full Metal Jackie and Tony LaBrie on Loudwire Nights. 

Tonight on Loudwire Nights, the rockin Jackie will be chatting with singer Adrian Patrick of Otherwise. They'll chat about album "Peace at all Costs" and more. Next Friday the 17th, they will be playing a hometown show at the Fremont Country Club. Otherwise is also set to play Rock-Fest July 16th.  I still remember driving those guys around El Chuco Town and they had all the patience in the world, considering we were in heavy traffic and I was just learning to drive stick.

Later on, the guys from Kill It Kid and Black Veil Brides will be catching us up on tours, music and much more. Also, Dexter Holland of The Offspring will be joining us. Have you had a chance to check out the video to their new tune, "Coming For You"? Well, here it is. Am not really a fan of clowns, but these are pretty cool. It's like a Fight Club for Clowns.

Then, at ten, the time to crank it up to some of our favorite Metallica tunes on our nightly mission - Mission Metallica!